Lian Li O11D-EVO Upright Gpu Kit For O11 Dynamic Evo (PCI-E 4.0 X16) (White) (G89-O11DE-2W-IN)


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Model No : G89-O11DE-2W-IN
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Lian Li O11D-EVO Upright Gpu Kit For O11 Dynamic Evo (PCI-E 4.0 X16) (White) (G89-O11DE-2W-IN)


O11D EVO Upright GPU Kit

  • Upright graphics card accessories for O11D EVO
  • New mounting angle for GPU opens room for unrestricted chimney-style configuration.

Show off your graphics card in a unique way with the exclusive upright GPU bracket, including a PCIe 4.0 riser cable for seamless connectivity.

Two Mounting Ways Work On Both Modes

Both HDD tray panel and fan bracket support to mount upright GPU kit on normal or reverse mode.

  • HDD Tray Panel Scenario: The GPU holds perfectly beside the motherboard and holds 2 HDDs or 4 SSDs behind the GPU.
  • Fan Bracket Scenario: The GPU holds perfectly beside the motherboard and holds 2 HDDs or 4 SSDs behind the GPU.

Normal Mode with HDD Tray Panel Scenario

Moving the GPU next to the motherboard opens up the main chamber in the chassis for the tubes to pass through and creates a chimney-style airflow, effectively cooling the top and bottom radiator.

Normal Mode with HDD Tray Panel Scenario

Paired with the upright GPU kit, the front mesh kit provides the O11D EVO with additional fresh air intake from the front to better cool the GPU and the CPU.

Reverse Mode at Fan Bracket Scenario

Exhaust fans behind the GPU directly pull the heat out of the chamber, effectively control the GPU temperature.

Reverse Mode with Front Mesh Kit at Fan Bracket Scenario

Replace the glass panel to the front mesh kit brings further fresh air into the chassis to cool the CPU and GPU efficiently.

Recommend Set-up for some GPUs

The thermal performance of the GPUs is different due to the GPU cooler design while mounting direction. As the result of the testing with the ROG STRIX RTX ,TUF GAMING 30 series, and AMD 68/69 series, the GPU temperature achieves better at the reverse mode with the upright GPU kit. Moreover, when using the AIO with the upright GPU in reversed mode, the PCIe riser cable can be zip-tied to the AIO tubing to make the riser cable less visible.

Support Wide Variety Sizes Gpu

While the bracket supports up to 3 slots thick GPUs, thin GPUs can be mounted at the second slot.
In addition, the L-type support bracket can be adjusted according to the GPU’s width and thickness.

Gen 4.0 Pcie Riser Cable

The PCIe 4.0 riser cable supports bit rate speeds of 16GT/s. While providing double the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0, the Gen 4.0 riser cable remains backward compatible with a maximum transfer speed, offering great performances.

Fan And Radiator Compatibility

When installing a three-slot thick GPU in the upright position, the radiator width clearance beside the bracket is limited to 130mm, and 120mm for fans.


Product Name Upright GPU Kit for O11D EVO
Model O11DE-2W
Color White
Bracket Dimension
  • Mounting frame: 71.8mm(L) x 128mm(D) x 67.58 mm(H)
  • Support frame: 70mm(L) x 81mm(D) x 10 mm(H)
Material 1mm STEEL
PCIe Riser Cable Gen 4.0
Cable Length 380mm
Cable Interface PCIe X 16
Expansion Slot 3 slots
GPU Compatibility Length: Maximum 355MM
Thickness: Maximum 62MM thick
HDD Tray Panel Scenario: 108MM ~ 150MM
Fan Bracket Scenario: 135MM~150MM
Warranty 1 Year
Note *** Features, Price, Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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