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Ant Esports Crystaflow 120mm 3 In 1 Argb Fan Kit Black (CRYSTAFLOW-3-IN-1-ARGB-BLACK)


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Ant Esports Crystaflow 120mm 3 In 1 Argb Fan Kit Black (CRYSTAFLOW-3-IN-1-ARGB-BLACK)

Seamless Daisy-Chaining: Say goodbye to cable clutter and tangled wires. The Ant Esports Crystaflow 120mm fans feature an innovative daisy-chain connectivity, allowing you to connect multiple fans with a single cable. This streamlines your setup and keeps your rig looking clean and organized.

  • Mesmerizing Infinity Mirror Design: Immerse yourself in a stunning visual spectacle with the infinity mirror design adorning the sides of each fan. The mesmerizing lighting effects add a captivating dimension to your gaming setup, enhancing both aesthetics and ambiance.
  • Versatile ARGB Control: Take control of your PC’s lighting atmosphere effortlessly. The Crystaflow fans are equipped with Addressable RGB (ARGB) technology, seamlessly integrating with your motherboard’s RGB utility. Customize the lighting with a spectrum of colors and dynamic effects to match your mood or gaming environment.
  • SATA Powered ARGB Controller: Experience unrivaled compatibility with the SATA-powered ARGB controller. Even if your motherboard lacks support for ARGB devices or has a missing 3-pin 5V ARGB header, the included controller ensures you can still enjoy the dazzling lighting effects of the Crystaflow fans without limitations.
  • Optimal Cooling Performance: Achieve the perfect balance between cooling power and quiet operation. With a high static pressure of 2.05mm H2O and an impressive airflow of up to 68.8 CFM, these fans are tailor-made for radiators and cases alike. Experience efficient heat dissipation while enjoying near-silent noise levels, ensuring your system stays cool without sacrificing tranquility.
Fan Dimension 120*126*25 mm
Net weight 135 ± 20 g
Fan Speed 800 ~ 2000 RPM
Fan Airflow 58.23 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 1.82 mm – H2O
Fan Noise 28.8 dBA
Fan Connector 4 Pin + 5V
Fan Rated Voltage  DC 12V
Fan Working Voltage DC 5V ~ 13.8V
Fan Rated Current 250 mA ± 20%
Cable Length 500 mm
Bearing Type FDB Bearing
LED Type Addressable RGB
LED Effect Infinity Mirror Effect in Front & Sides
LED Connector 3 Pin
LED Rated Voltage DC 5V
LED Working Voltage DC 5V
Lifespan 40,000 Hrs.
Warranty 1 Year
Note Price, feature and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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