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Unique Design – It’s Unparalleled!

Prizm Cooling Matrix is the first of its kind in the performance PC market. Unlike conventional case fans, Prizm Cooling Matrix is a completely innovative, single bracket dual-fan housing assembly with two 120 mm fans connected simultaneously.

Streamlined ARGB Strip Styling

Prizm Cooling Matrix featuring with unique ARGB strips on both upper and lower sides creates an extraordinary light effect, which will make your gaming case become the most eye-catching one.

ARGB Logos and

Aluminum Alloy Sides

Two Antec logos are embedded, and one of them is upside-down.

No matter how you put it in the case, you can always see a clear and glowing Antec logo.

FDB Technology

Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan brings the silent,

durable and stable operation to the next level.

ARGB Control

Fan Box

Up to 16.8 million colors and coordinate your own custom schemes for endless variety.

168,000 Colors Without Any Limitation

You can also sync the fan box with the motherboard. Enjoy possible 168,000 colors without any limitation.

240 mm Radiator Compatibility

– Double Cooling Icewind

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